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Margôt Maddison-MacFadyen and Brenda Hewer, two sisters who grew up in British Columbia’s West Vancouver in the ’60s and ’70s, have put their talents together to create Sisters Publishing. Margôt writes, Brenda designs, and they both love stories! Sisters Publishing is a place for storytelling. 



Latest book published:

Mary: A Story of Young Mary Prince


Mary Prince is twelve years old in 1800 when her life turns upside down. Her slave-owner Betsey Williams, a girl close to her own age, also owns Mary’s mother and siblings. Betsey’s father is desperate for money. Against his daughter’s wishes, he sells Mary and her sisters at auction. Captain John Ingham buys Mary for £57 Bermudian currency, and she is separated from her family. The Captain and his wife are cruel to their slaves, and Mary is in terrible peril. She runs away and hides in a small cave, but, eventually, she must return to the Captain’s home.


This illustrated historical fiction novella for Junior-aged readers is inspired by Mary Prince’s 1831 slave narrative, The History of Mary Prince, A West Indian Slave, Related by Herself. It is also based on Margôt Maddison-MacFadyen’s PhD research, of which Mary Prince is the historical subject. The novella is perfect for classroom, library, or home collections. Included are excerpts from Mary Prince’s testimony and images of historical documents and photographs that confirm her story.

Bermuda-born Mary Prince (c. 1787 - after 1833) is the first known black Bermudian and West Indian woman to tell her enslavement story and to have it written down. Prince became a Bermudian National Hero in 2012.


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