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A Visit to the Bermuda National Library

Margot’s August 2017 trip to Bermuda was an opportunity for her to visit the Bermuda National Library to present the library with a signed copy of Mary: A Story of Young Mary Prince. It turned out that the BNL already had seven copies, making the one Margot donated the eighth.

While visiting Bermuda, Margot came across the April 2017 issue of Bermuda, which included a review of Mary: A Story of Young Mary Prince. Here’s an excerpt:

Perhaps for the first time Miss Prince’s story is made accessible to young readers and—importantly—to teachers, parents and other educators who wish to introduce children to this important piece of Bermudian, West Indian and British history. It features beautiful illustrations by artist Yvonne Soper and contains many photographs, maps and reproductions of historic documents.

This is a book which should be on every Bermudian child’s bookshelf.

Margot plans to return to Bermuda in February 2018 for Black History Month. Joanne Brangman, Director of the BNL, will help to organize a “meet the author” event for young readers and their parents to meet Margot.

Book sales in Bermuda of Mary: A Story of Young Mary Prince are going very well. The Bookmart at Brown & Co. has copies in stock, so if you are in the territory you may pick one up there.

Joanne Brangman (left), Director of the Bermuda National Library, and Margot Maddison-MacFadyen (right), author of Mary: A Story of Young Mary Prince, at the BNL on August 26, 2017. Margot is presenting a signed copy of the book to Joanne.

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