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Our first book is available on Amazon


When the Circus Comes to Town and Other Stories is live on, and other Amazon sites, and it’s available as both a paperback and an eBook.

The eBook was a tricky bugbear to format, but Brenda persevered, and with the help of Patti Larsen, the feat was accomplished. Kudos to Patti, who is a 2015 Finalist in the Kindle Book Awards, yet takes the time to coach beginners like us.

We’ve had eight reviews since the paperback went up on September 5th. Five are on and three on Combined, they make an excellent close-to-five star rating. It’s a terrific beginning.

One reviewer—Peevee—asks for more stories about Tess, Heath, Zoe and the rest of the When the Circus Comes to Town gang. They are “too alive to end here,” writes Peevee.

Another reviewer, who goes by Amazon Customer, “liked the layout and ease of the read.”

Others coin the book as “light-hearted,” a “rare delight,” and a “real hoot.” The storytelling is “brisk and lively,” and, although it’s for kids, “if a grown up picks up this book, they’ll find themselves thoroughly charmed and entertained.”

Can you ask for more than this?

Many, many thanks to our reviewers for their early support of When the Circus Comes to Town and Other Stories.

P. S. Peevee, Tess and the gang might star in a new set of stories. Those nasty bear poachers are still at large and need nabbing!

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